Together, we can positively impact patients living with atopic dermatitis

Atopic dermatitis (AD) may often be ignored, but no one should look away from the weight that people who are suffering from this condition bear. Use these materials to learn more about atopic dermatitis and possible treatments to help your patients better control it.

Disease Education

The better we understand AD, the better prepared we will all be in helping patients gain control over this condition.

Closing the Gaps in Atopic Dermatitis

Learn from a leading clinical expert who gives an overview on the best practices in screening and diagnosing AD in patients with skin of color.

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AD Severity of Disease

Continue learning from this clinical expert as she breaks down how to assess the severity of AD.

Treatment Considerations

You and your patients have many treatment options—such as phototherapy and topical/systemic therapies—to consider for AD. Take a look at information that may help with your treatment considerations.

Navigating Treatment Options

Learn from leading clinical experts who discuss therapies for AD.

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Treatment Risks & Benefits

Learn how leading clinical experts discuss treatment risks and benefits to patients.


Practical Considerations

Listen to leading clinical experts on how they take a patient-centric approach to the management of AD.

Patient Stories

Watch this patient story to gain a deeper understanding of how a life can be changed by AD.

Christina's Story

Hear a patient with AD explain how this condition causes emotional and physical pain that people don’t always see.

Each shade of skin deserves care

Watch and learn from leading clinical experts on how we can improve dermatologic care for patients of color.