Together, we can positively impact patients living with hidradenitis suppurativa

Patients struggling with hidradenitis suppurativa (HS) face challenges in both the physical manifestation of the disease as well as the emotional toll it may have on their lives. Below are materials that can help you and your patients take control of HS.

Disease Education

The better we understand HS, the better prepared we will all be in helping patients gain control over this condition.

Assessing Disease Severity

Hear a leading clinical expert give an overview on the best practices to assess the severity of HS.

Treatment Considerations

You and your patients have many treatment options—such as antibiotics and topical/systemic therapies—to consider for HS. Take a look at information that may help with your treatment considerations.

Mechanism of Disease

Watch how HS operates at a cellular level and learn what inflammatory pathways can be targeted to help control the symptoms of this disease.

Additional Content


Identifying Candidates for Advanced Therapy

Review methods for diagnosing patients with HS and the benefits of starting appropriate patients on advanced therapies.

Patient Stories

Watch this patient story to gain a deeper understanding of how a life can be changed by HS.

Bridget's Story

View a patient’s struggle with HS and see how the burden of this disease can affect more than just a patient’s skin.

Each shade of skin deserves care

Watch and learn from leading clinical experts on how we can improve dermatologic care for patients of color.